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Learning Opportunities Online 

These programs provide all the essential information needed by family members, friends or professional caregivers after a new diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease/related dementia is made and as the disease progresses.

Explore our Events Calendar for information on upcoming educational events and check out the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute Family and Community Services 2017 Caregiver Education and Support Program Catalog for additional educational programs on specific topics. 

These programs are possible thanks to the generous support of Banner Alzheimer’s Foundation.

After the Dementia Diagnosis (Formerly called COMPASS)

This class reviews the basics of dementia from the various types to progression and treatments available. Most importantly, caregivers will learn the 8 most essential strategies to avoid many of the unwanted behaviors that arise due to the demands of the illness. Also available for DVD purchase or free viewing online.

Planning Ahead

Alzheimer’s disease/dementia is a condition that can last for 8 – 10 years and will require additional help and care as the condition changes. Caregivers will learn about medical, legal and financial decisions that are needed along with how to find help and pay for care in the home, community and residential settings.

View the entire Planning Ahead class:

View Planning Ahead as individual sessions:

As Dementia Progresses

This class helps caregivers to understand the moderate to advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease/related dementia. Caregivers will learn about expected changes in memory, thinking, mood, behavior and function. Practical strategies are provided to assist caregivers to find success in their efforts.

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