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A Love Story

Audio: Music over opening title.

Text: Love Story Jeff & Dawn

Image: Jeff & Dawn on-camera interspersed with family pictures

Dawn Audio: "Jeff and I met in Silver City, New Mexico. We were both working at the same job. He was a surveyor and I was in the office. Five minutes later, we got married and sort of a whirlwind. It'll be 30 years in September."

"We were concerned for a couple of years, my son and I. Well, we knew we had a problem. We hadn't really discussed it with Jeff yet. We were just kind of behind the scenes talking and I was doing a lot of research. His mom had Alzheimer's and his grandmother but realistically we didn't think yet it could be. So we thought, 'Well, I'd better get him checked out,' and that's how we ended up here. It was a good decision."

"We joke about it, my son and I, that when you go in to sit down after they've done their testing and they put a box of Kleenex between you and your son, it's probably not going to be good news. But it wasn't shocking news either. We had pretty much, by that point, already decided that's what we were looking at. But we didn't have to go through the years."

Jeff Audio: "I couldn't do my work."

Dawn Audio: "You mean your surveying, when you were doing the highways and the freeways."

Jeff Audio: "Yeah, I was the only one doing it.

Dawn Audio: "Yeah, because you did every freeway here in town."

Jeff Audio: "You know…"

Dawn Audio: "He's amazing. He still has a sense of humor. He still has his love for his family. He's just amazing.

Jeff Audio: "I'm a crier. I'm a crier.

Dawn Audio: "We're a family of criers. You know, when you get married and you're dating and you're doing all of the courtship part, of course you're sweet and you're loving and you're whatever. Well then, as life goes on and you have kids and you have broken arms and car accidents and plumbing issues and illnesses, you know, you kind of lose some of that. You never lose the love, obviously, but you know, you kind of forget to be sweet and kind and loving and all of that. And he's back to that, to where he's just the sweetest man. It's like we're dating all over again. He's just the sweetest person ever and he tells me everyday how much he loves me and that honestly keeps me going."

Text: Love is forever.

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