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A Higher Standard of Care

Audio/Video Transcript

Audio: Music over opening title

Text: A Higher Standard of Care

Text: Eric M. Reiman, MD

Executive Director of Banner Alzheimer's Institute

Co-leader of the Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative

Image: Eric M. Reiman, MD on-camera

Audio: "Imagine a patient with severe memory and thinking problems and their family coming to our clinic, receiving a devastating diagnosis, and somehow leaving heartened when they leave. How could that possibly be?"

Text: Jan Dougherty, RN, MS

Director, Family and Community Services

Image: Jan Dougherty on-camera

Audio: "You know, I think Banner Alzheimer's Institute brings a really unique approach to this illness. We not only treat the person but we treat the family and friends, the unit that's going to support this individual through an eight to ten year disease course. And we approach it with proactivity and a lot of hopefulness."

Text: Linda & Gerald

Patient and Husband/Caregiver

Image: Linda and Gerald on-camera

Gerald Audio: "It's been a real positive experience from day one…"

Linda Audio: "Great fit."

Gerald Audio: "…and to this day, we've been here a year-and-a-half, everyone just seemed to take such an interest in us from the very beginning: the facility itself, the support that they provide to Linda and I, is outstanding."

Text: Frankie & Ed

Patient and Husband/Caregiver

Image: Frankie and Ed on-camera

Ed Audio: "The staff is very good about inviting people to come in and talk to them. Social workers are always available. Whatever stage you're at, whatever is going on in the family-if a family member needs to understand something-they're there."

Text: Linda and Gerald on-camera

Gerald Audio: "You're wondering, 'Where do I go next?' And as the disease progresses, where do you go? What types of care do you need? And a lot of times, they can give you a lot of guidance and support."

Text: Sarah Medina-Rodriguez, MD*, CCRP

Senior Manager, Clinical Trials

Image: Sarah Medina-Rodriguez on-camera

Audio: "It's a pretty special place. It's like that one-stop-shop where you have family and community service tending to legal needs as well as day-to-day needs when there's a crisis moment."

Image: Jan Dougherty on-camera

Audio: "We can stand with the family and say, 'We're not going anywhere. We're not leaving you. We will stick with you.' And that's very unique here that you're not going to find in other centers."

Text: Pierre N. Tariot, MD

Director of Banner Alzheimer's Institute

Co-leader of the Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative

Image: Pierre N. Tariot, MD on-camera

Audio: "I think the fact that we can offer clarity, offer help, offer hope, offer availability, ongoing unambiguous availability, is tremendously helpful. And at the end of the day what makes you happier than helping people? So I think our team feels almost privileged to be in a setting where this is possible on a day-in, day-out basis."

Text: Unparalleled support, guidance and treatment.

Text: Banner Alzheimer's Institute