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Help and Hope for Caregivers

Audio/Video Transcript

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Text: Help & Hope for Caregivers

Text: Eric M. Reiman, MD

Executive Director of Banner Alzheimer's Institute

Co-leader of the Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative

Image: Eric M. Reiman, MD on-camera

Audio: "Unless you have been a family caregiver, I think it's hard to understand that Alzheimer's disease is not just an illness that affects one person. It affects the entire family."

Text: Jan Dougherty, RN, MS

Director, Family and Community Services

Image: Jan Dougherty on-camera

Audio: "We have the opportunity to work with the care partners and we call them 'care partners' because at this point they really are a partner or a co-pilot in that person's illness, helping them to understand what are these unique differences and how can I help my loved one be their best? At the same time tempering it with: How can I be my best?"

Text: Gene D'Adamo

BAI Board Member, Caregiver

Image: Gene D'Adamo on-camera

Audio: "You just can't let what's happening to him ruin your times with him now. So if you know that things frustrate him, don't do those kinds of things. Why get him frustrated? Why get us frustrated? And it sounds really basic but when you hear someone else tell you about it, I'm like, 'Okay, I can let go.'"

Text: Maureen


Image: Maureen on-camera

Audio: "As soon as I got the lesson about 'you don't need to argue,' it was like everything was so much better. It eliminated all of the stress and anxiety and the frustration and the fear that I had."

Text: Linda & Gerald

Patient and Husband/Caregiver

Image: Linda and Gerald on-camera

Gerald Audio: "You're wondering, 'Where do I go next?' And as the disease progresses, where do you go? What types of care do you need? And a lot of times that can give you a lot of guidance and support."

Text: Laurie

BAI Volunteer and Caregiver

Image: Laurie on-camera

Audio: "You don't need to go in a support group. You need to hear somebody else's story besides your own. You need to hear from people that are further along in the progression of the disease so you'll know kind of where you might be going, some of the things that you might have to deal with so you can think about that beforehand."

Text: Stan & Endia


Image: Stan and Endia on-camera

Stan Audio: "You are participating and talking and exchanging ideas, concerns, problems that you're encountering with people that are on the same walk that you are. One of the things I've found, it did not matter what you brought to the table, someone in the group had already experienced it. You would always get some very positive feedback and some assistance to help you with what you are dealing with at that time."

Image: Jan Dougherty on-camera

Audio: "So as I talk about help-it's help for today and hope for tomorrow-hope that tomorrow is better, hope that you will make it through this illness, that you will see it through it's disease course and you will be okay. You will be fine. You will weather this. You will come out stronger. That's the message I think that we bring to family members. You will make this."

Text: You are not alone.

Text: Banner Alzheimer's Institute