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Hope for Ending Alzheimer's

Audio/Video Transcript

Audio: Opening music.

Text: Hope for Ending Alzheimer's

Text: Adam S. Fleisher, MD, M.A.S.

Director of Brain Imaging

Image: Adam S. Fleisher, MD, M.A.S., on-camera

Audio: "If you really want to end Alzheimer's disease you need to do it before you have symptoms and that's prevention. And that's where we've really been making some progress in the field."

Text: Jessica Langbaum, PhD

Alzheimer's Researcher

Image: Jessica Langbaum, on-camera

Audio: "We know that we can detect changes associated with Alzheimer's disease using these brain imaging measures before somebody ever experiences the first memory and thinking problems. Five years ago I would have never thought that something like this was possible."

Text: Eric M. Reiman, MD

Executive Director of Banner Alzheimer's Institute

Co-leader of the Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative

Image: Eric M. Reiman, MD, on-camera

Audio: "We believe we're entering a time right now where we'll have enough safety and tolerability data on the first half dozen or so anti amyloid medication or immunization therapies to start the first prevention trial as soon as late 2012."

Text: Bob Roth

BAI Board Member

Image: Bob Roth, on-camera

Audio: "We've got to find a cure and it's exciting to be part of this group with Eric and Pierre and I know we're going to do it. And with Eric's leadership there's no doubt we're going to get there."

Image: Eric M. Reiman, MD, on-camera

Text: BAI has over 30 clinical trials in process today.

Audio: "We think that a treatment may have already been developed to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's symptoms, or prevent it. And we think for that reason that we have an opportunity to find an effective treatment to possibly end this disease without losing a generation."

Text: Ending Alzheimer's without losing a generation.

Text: Banner Alzheimer's Institute