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Our Mission

Audio/Video Transcript

Text: Our Mission

Text: Eric M. Reiman, MD

Executive Director of Banner Alzheimer's Institute

Co-leader of the Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative

Image: Eric M. Reiman, MD, on-camera

Audio: "Well we're awfully excited about the Banner Alzheimer's Institute. We have three highly focused and ambitious goals: One goal is to find demonstratively effective treatments to end Alzheimer's disease without losing a generation. Another is to establish a new standard of care that more fully addresses the needs of our patients and families. And the third is to forge a new model of collaboration in biomedical research. Those sound like awfully ambitious goals, maybe even platitudes, but we have a very specific strategy for addressing each of those goals and we're excited about the opportunity."

Text: End Alzheimer's

Image: Eric M. Reiman, MD, on-camera

Audio: "So our overriding interest is to find demonstrably effective treatments to end Alzheimer's disease."

Text: The brain changes in individuals with Alzheimer's are thought to begin many years before such symptoms as memory loss appear.

Image: Eric M. Reiman, MD, on-camera

Audio: "We've developed an approach to use brain imaging techniques to peer directly inside the brain and other biological measurements of Alzheimer's disease to track Alzheimer's years before people develop symptoms. And develop a much more rapid way to test prevention therapies without having to wait to see who goes on to develop memory and thinking problems."

Text: New Standard of Care

Image: Eric M. Reiman, MD, on-camera

Text: 26% of family caregivers have children under the age of 18 living with them -- these caregivers are referred to as the "sandwich generation" because they simultaneously provide care for two generations.

Audio: "Now being a large, community-based health system, the CEO of our organization asked us what we could do to create a new national standard of care for patients and families. And I loved the question when I heard it. The unmet need, in our opinion, is the need to more fully address both the medical and non-medical needs of our patients and families. To help them navigate the course of the illness, to help them understand what they can do today to manage the problem. To deal with issues like: What do I do with driving? How do I find an Elder Law attorney to address the financial or legal questions I might have? What are the financial and legal questions I might have? When should I consider residential care? Those answers are not normally provided and we're excited about the chance to do that, even as we search for more effective treatments."

Text: Research Collaboration

Image: Eric M. Reiman, MD, on-camera

Audio: "Our third goal is to forge a model of collaboration in biomedical research. And the vehicle for this is the Arizona Alzheimer's Consortium, which I have the privilege of directing."

Text: Researchers around the world are studying numerous treatment strategies that may have the potential to change the course of the disease.

Image: Eric M. Reiman, MD, on-camera

Audio: "What we've done is we've brought about 150 researchers from different disciplines together to address each other's problems in a more effective way, to do some really remarkable things along the way and to honor and value each other's contributions to a problem. Among other things, what that allows us to do at the BAI is to focus on our particular strengths. We've not invested a dime at the Banner Alzheimer's Institute in basic science because we can get that research done in our partnering institutions. What we've done instead is focus in a laser-like way in our three goals and we think we have a chance to get there. In my opinion, we need the sense of urgency, we need the scientific means, financial incentives and public polices needed to launch this era of Alzheimer's prevention research to rapidly evaluate the reigns of promising treatments as quickly as we can and find one that works as soon as possible. We think we have an opportunity to do that. What could be more exciting than that?"

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