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The Joy of Creativity

Audio/Video Transcript

Audio: Music over opening title

Text: The Joy of Creativity

Text: Jan Dougherty, RN, MSDirector, Family and Community ServicesImage: Jan Dougherty on-camera

Audio: "In addition to medications, we're looking at other novel ways to keep people more engaged. We're using the arts as another example and, again, I think that art is not so much about thinking. It's about feeling."

Text: AnnetteBAI Volunteer

Image: Annette on-camera

Audio: "It's amazing when you start getting things flowing and how people just will take the brush to the paper and, if they've never painted, you never know what's going to happen. You'll never know what they can create."

Text: Frankie & EdPatient and Husband/Caregiver

Image: Frankie and Ed on-camera

Ed Audio: "The music support group that we attend once a month, she accompanies everybody on the piano. The great thing about that is sometimes we have 40 or 50 seniors with Alzheimer's or dementia or something just pounding away on drums and they have better rhythm that I do so it's working."

Image: Annette on-camera

Audio: "We have friends that come and they wait for each other and save seats and have to sit next to each other. That part of their life and their memory is still intact and they can understand and feel that friendship."

Text: JoanBAI Volunteer

Image: Joan on-camera

Audio: "I think they forget that they have a disease and it's just coming to one location and creating something, as well as new friends, and it's a blast."

Image: Frankie and Ed on-camera

Ed Audio: "Music is so important to Frankie and she's so natural with it: both singing and playing. She loves it and it's getting a little more stressful now but it's amazing what comes back to her every time."

Image: Jan Dougherty on-camera

Audio: "By the use of both the visual arts and the musical arts, we're seeing people enjoy and appreciate their own ability to express how they feel and how they can still create. And when their families observe this, again, I think that they're excited to realize that, 'I can see a piece of who they are,' which is really wonderful."

Text: You will make such a difference.Volunteer to help with BAI's art, music or memory training programs.

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